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At our Roswell location we use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the following cryotherapy treatment & wellness services.

Rejuvenate and Reduce Inflammation

Whole Body Cryotherapy uses nitrogen gas to lower the body’s surface temperature.  The body seeks to maintain its core temperature by increasing blood flow to the vital organs.  When the enriched blood flows back to the rest of the body, it brings with it a variety of benefits.

Reduces inflammation
Boosts metabolism
Migraine relief
Enhances energy
Arthritis relief

Targeted Pain Relief & Recovery

Local cryotherapy is administered directly to the problem area to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain within minutes.  These targeted sessions can be used in combination with Whole Body Cryotherapy for maximum healing and wellness.  Sessions typically last between 2-8 minutes, depending on the area of application.

Healing the Body with Light

Light therapy, or “photobiomodulation” bombards the cells with photons that energize, nourish, and detoxify the cells.  As the cells get healthy, the tissues, organs, and systems get healthy.  When the cells are detoxified of waste and free radicals, they gain the energy that was devoted to fighting oxidative stress and inflammation.  This process offers a variety of benefits.

Cellular regeneration
Enhances energy
Reduces pain and inflammation
May improve cognitive function

Rapid Recovery for a Competitive Edge

NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems use compressed air to massage your legs, arms, and hips.  This process offers you and other athletes a variety of benefits.

Speeds recovery
Moves fluid from extremities
Fits your body shape
Zone-by-zone massage
Competitive edge

We offer Sports, Trigger Point & Swedish Massages exclusively at our Roswell location on Monday, Friday & Saturday.  Combine your massage with cryotherapy to loosen up any tight areas in your muscles, while speeding up your recovery for maximum strength & performance.